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Looks Great/Priced Fair/Sounds Great

Essentials For A Successful Sale

Charles Krome ยท Feb 12, 2024

Look Good

Ditch the blurry driveway snapshot and transform your car into an online superstar with these photo tips! Clean it till it shines, both inside and out, and even take a look under the hood. Then find a scenic backdrop like a quiet park or a winding road. Sunrise or sunset casts a magical glow, but avoid harsh midday sun. Get low or high for dramatic angles, and show off the curves from multiple sides. Don't forget the interior's sparkle! Use your phone's magic with portrait mode or HDR, and edit wisely for a natural look. Variety is key, so include close-ups and action shots. With these tricks, your car's photos will scream "buy me!"


Plus, keep in mind that HMSMC can let you upload more than 100 pictures so you can show off all your cars’ best traits.

Priced Fair

Setting a fair price for your car is a balancing act. Go too low and you lose out, too high and buyers vanish. Start with online tools like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds to get a ballpark based on your car's make, model, mileage, and condition. Factor in local trends – is your car in high demand? Check competitor listings to see what similar cars are going for.

Be honest about your car's condition: is it pristine or well-worn? Deduct for dents, scratches, or worn parts. Consider your timeline: a quick sale might mean a lower price, while patience can net you more. Leave room for negotiation: add 5-10% wiggle room to your ideal price. Remember, a fair price attracts serious buyers and gets your car rolling into its next chapter faster.

Sound good

Crafting a car ad that sizzles like a hot engine takes more than just listing the year, make, and mileage. Think of it as your car's online dating profile – you want to showcase its best features and spark interest in potential buyers. Start with a captivating headline: Ditch the generic "2012 Honda Civic" and go for something that piques curiosity, like "Adventure-Ready Sedan: Hit the Road in Style!"

Next, paint a vivid picture with your words: Describe your car's personality. Is it a reliable commuter, a fuel-efficient city slicker, or a weekend warrior ready for road trips? Use sensory details to make it come alive: "Imagine the wind in your hair as you cruise down the coast with the sunroof open … ." Also be sure to call out top features, like LED headlights, heated leather seats, or a huge touchscreen.

Finally, honesty is key: Don't shy away from mentioning minor imperfections, but do highlight the positives like "Regularly serviced" or "New tires for worry-free driving."